Policy and Regulation

What the industry told Hockey

Industry bodies have made public the key positions of their submissions to the Government’s Tax White Paper; commons themes include a lifetime cap on tax concessions, not change to the dividend imputation system, taking the whole system into account (alongside the Age Pension) and the cessation of tinkering as it is destroying confidence. The Treasurer […]
Policy and Regulation

Removing superannuation from tax debate disappointing

A leading tax expert has expressed disappointment as the Government continues with its “blinkered” decision to remove superannuation from the tax debate. John Randall, superannuation partner at Deloitte, said the point of a review process was to have a serious, holistic think about what’s going to happen, but if GST, superannuation, or even fringe tax […]
Industry View

AIST viewpoint: a fairer tax system for all

New research that details who gains the most from tax concessions in super should be a key driver in tax reforms this year, says TOM GARCIA chief executive of AIST. There can be no debate that super needs to be taxed concessionally. But at what point do we draw the line in the name of […]
Policy and Regulation

Tax debate too simplistic

The debate on tax in superannuation has become too narrow and polarised hampering progress towards an equitable system, a tax expert said. John Randall, superannuation partner at Deloitte, said people were approaching the topic from various viewpoints, but that each one was focusing on different constricted areas of interest. He added the discussion needed to […]