Policy and Regulation

Victorian tax puts fund in breach of MySuper rules

This article was written by David Galloway a lawyer and superannuation executive Trustees of MySuper Products have been handed a nasty surprise by the Victorian Government that could put most in breach of their MySuper Authorisation. Part 2 of the Duties Act 2000 (Vic) has become big news in superannuation because sections 176 to 196 […]
Hedge Funds

Only one fund saving millions through tax efficiency

This week marks the two year anniversary of Qantas Super becoming the first Australian superannuation fund to implement tax managed centralised portfolio management. Last year it saved $23.6 million for members in its default fund – a figure similar to the year before, or an average of 38.3 basis points per year since it launched […]
Policy and Regulation

Budget: the five big changes for superannuation

  “Building on the move by the former Government to increase the pension age eligibility to 67 by 2023, this Government will gradually increase the age of eligibility to 70 by 2035. That is over two decades away.” Joe Hockey, the Treasurer of Australia. The eligibility for the age pension will rise to age 70 […]
Policy and Regulation

After-tax outcomes beyond July 1

Superannuation funds delaying after-tax investment compliance should not be neglecting implementation of solutions in the lead-up to the July-1 deadline for Stronger Super, says Raewyn Williams, head of tax consulting at Russell Investments. From July 1 it will be compulsory for superannuation trustees to focus on post-tax outcomes as part of the new Stronger Super […]

Funds keep cool in super tax heat

Teenagers are more likely to suffer from depression if they see their parents arguing often. In a Cambridge University research paper published late last year, it was claimed that those who witness frequent arguments and possess a gene making them more sensitive are significantly more likely to become depressed. The findings are important but hardly […]

Nick Sherry talks super

The former senator and minister for superannuation, Nick Sherry, talks to about future trends in super tax policy as well as the ins and outs of self-managed superannuation funds.

Age and tax restrictions inevitable for Super

Restriction of tax cuts to superannuation contributions and the raising of the age at which funds can be accessed to 67 are inevitable regardless of which political party is in power, says Nick Sherry. Speaking at the CMSF conference in Brisbane, the former superannuation minister said the pressure for restrictions will grow as individual retirement […]