The other thing is getting back to this whole issue about the Australian Pyschosis Research Network. We can come up with some money and decide to fund some critical element of delivery of this. Obviously we’re talking about big money for an ongoing thing and I think government’s got a responsibility. But I think we could do something ourselves. We’ve got good voices. We’re respected in our own community. The funds, the fund managers, the employers, the journalists. We’ve got a very good group and we work together well. If we did nothing else, we could certainly lend our voice to a really good project.

Peter Rowe: To add to that, I think every fund around the table here is going to see their claims experience going up. As the economy stops booming, we know claims go up. Some people with mental disabilities now, because of the economy, have been able to secure work, but they’re going to be the first to go when things get tough. So don’t fool yourself and think it’s just going to continue on as we are or get better. It’s actually going to get worse before it gets better. So whatever we put in now to prevent this or help ourselves for the long term is going to be of benefit to the funds and to the members.

Greg Bright: Michael O’Sullivan, you’re the only trustee here; can you take that helicopter view of the role of the super fund in these sorts of issues? Everyone’s right, this year the returns are going to look bad and there will be particularly large account balances thinking about forming their own DIY fund.

Michael O’Sullivan: We’ve done a lot of member research, basically employers and employees every second year, fairly deep including focus groups and so on. Generally speaking the members are very positive about the idea that their fund should in some way or other make a socially beneficial contribution.

The years that we’ve done it have all been very good years. So it may be that they’ll be a fraction less generous when they get this year’s annual report. I think it’s possible to lead people to think more generously about their own donations to good causes than they might do mutually, and I think the industry funds have got a good track record of acting mutually which helps because it has a multiplier effect.

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