I think we have an opportunity with a new government, and as far as we’re concerned we have a better relationship with this government that we had with the previous government. I don’t think that’s overstating it. We didn’t have a relationship with the Howard government. So I think we can be a useful component of some lobbying to get this APRN project established and run. We need to know a bit more detail, beyond accepting in good faith that it’s a terrific idea.

Alix Sachinidis: Going forward you would think there would need to be developed a funding model that would underpin the research because one of the issues for the super funds would be the sole purpose test in respect of using existing members’ funds to try and take the APRN forward. I’m a director on the AIST as well so I think that’s a good forum to get super funds as a group to understand better and to look at initiatives to underpin this project.

Helen Hewett: The only problem I’ve got about that is that the funds aren’t going to financially support this. Some funds might but as a group they won’t. Because they’ve already set up a foundation to do work, which they’re supporting. The biggest thing we can do is get behind and lobby and support the project, which costs everybody nothing. I think that’s a terrific idea about getting someone to look at how it might be treated as a socially constructive project in terms of a funding model and a business case. And then look at whether any of the socially constructive funds that are around might be interested in it.

Michael O’Sullivan: Out of their administrative expenses they could release a little bit, but it would be tens of thousands not millions. The biggest push they can make is to lobby and to use their distribution system.

The more ambitious thing to do…I’ve just been thinking about it, but I’ll just say it out loud in case…Is that super funds could jointly launch a program of inviting the members to opt into, for example, just giving one or two basis points of their annual earnings into such a thing. Over time that would amount to a lot of money, but it wouldn’t mean anything to the individuals. If you were going to get a return of 7.61 per cent then give up the .01 per cent. It wouldn’t really worry anybody much at all. It wouldn’t make much difference to anybody’s life. But pooling it all would make a difference.

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