While at QSuper, Drew oversaw the construction and implementation of an in-house risk management system monitoring the performance and integrity of member investment options. Vilgan said this system was now being run by a team that worked under Drew. “The system looks at how member investment options are behaving in response to market movements, and whether they’re behaving in accordance with how the options have been designed,” she said. “It focuses on the member investment choice end moreso than the investment allocation end.”

For the financial year to October 22, the crediting rate for the QSuper’s balanced option was -9.56 per cent, while its basic growth and high growth crediting rates were -11.67 per cent and -14.48 per cent respectively. The crediting rate for the fund’s cash option was 1.33 per cent.

In contrast, the fund’s defined benefit members enjoyed a 14.8 per cent crediting rate for the 2006-07 financial year. Members from the state government and police force received preservation crediting rates of the same value.

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