Non-Government Schools Super is deciding whether to directly replace Bill Dwyer, the manager of investments who departed the industry fund earlier this year.

NGS Super CEO, Anthony Rodwell-Ball, said Dwyer had only officially resigned shortly before starting as an investment strategist with WA’s Government Employees Superannuation Board last month. He had departed Sydney for Perth some months before, for family reasons, but had continued to contribute towards NGS until deciding to stay in the West.

Rodwell-Ball said the fund would review whether to replace Dwyer later in the year. For now, he said asset consultant JANA and investment committee member Tim Hughes were being leveraged for greater input. The rest of the investment team – investment officer Ben Squires and analyst Megan Pham (a former Mercer colleague of Dwyer’s whom he brought to the fund) – remained in place, while Rodwell-Ball said he had stepped up his oversight of investment operations.

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