James_lilico_webSunsuper, the $13 billion multi-industry fund, has hired an unlisted assets analyst from the investment team of a private equity manager, still seeks a macro strategist, and has called in an admin consultant to look at its investment information systems.

James Lilico will start at the fund next week after four years with the investment team of RMB Capital Partners, a Sydney-based mid-market private equity firm.

The chief investment officer of Sunsuper, David Hartley, said Lilico would analyse investment opportunities across infrastructure and property – reporting to portfolio manager of those two asset classes, Megan Chan – as well as private equity, which is overseen by Michael Weaver.

Hartley said the fund’s default balanced option was currently below its 22.5 per cent strategic asset allocation to unlisted assets.

Sunsuper is still seeking a macroeconomic strategy analyst, working with the portfolio manager for strategy, Corrin Collocott.

Meanwhile, the investment team has called on the services of Drew Vaughan, the well-known independent administration consultant, to look at ways the flow of information to its portfolio managers can be improved.

Hartley wants Vaughan to work with Sunsuper’s custodian, NAB Asset Servicing, to enhance the “timeliness and utility” of data received by the investment team.





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