Rob Brown, the boss of fund administrator Ausmaq, has moved on from the business after six years in the job.

Brown started work in a new venture yesterday: a strategic marketing and business consultancy, Alford Brown & Associates, which caters to a broad spectrum of businesses in the superannuation industry.

The former NAB and State Street veteran said the business would focus primarily on the institutional sector, including funds management and mid- and back-office businesses, but for the time being at least would stop short of providing project implementation and support services, Brown said.

Brown’s wife, Diane Alford, would assist with some of the contracted research the firm will also aim to take on, he said.

Brown indicated he would also develop “information products” that funds managers and other industry participants can use to benchmark their performance.

“When you look for high quality, deep and independent bases of comparison in the institutional space, there’s a lot less around.”

Brown, who was appointed to lead Ausmaq by NAB, the company’s owner, left the administrator last Friday after helping his successor, David Mooney, become accustomed with the business.

Mooney, also an ex-NAB employee, has spent the last six weeks becoming acquainted with Ausmaq’s business, having previously been involved in fund administration by reviewing National Asset Servicing in a strategic finance role at the bank.

He said it was “early days” and was awaiting directives from the company’s board, but flagged the development of new strategies, and a review of existing ones, as priorities.

Mooney worked at NAB for 29 years, most recently as general manager of the CEO’s office, before working as a consultant under his own company, One Ridge, for the five years leading up to his appointment to Ausmaq.

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