Hedge fund managers based in Melbourne and Sydney are being given the opportunity to gather together in tough times.

The Australian Hedge Fund Operations Forum is the brainchild of Jenni Harding, an original Portfolio Partners partner who now runs Harbridge Investment Partnerships, a consultancy providing advice to start-up or boutique funds managers, or due diligence to institutional investors considering an allocation to such managers.

Harding said the Forum grew out of the rapidly changing regulatory, taxation and operational environments for hedge funds. She hoped managers would want to “provide input into the development of investment grade infrastructure, industry standards and legislation”.

The forums will be held quarterly in Sydney and Melbourne, and Harding hoped they would encourage managers in an “open exchange of issues, opportunities and solutions” despite the fiercely competitive nature of the asset class.

The Forum is not officially part of the Alternative Investment Managers Association, however Harding said AIMA would receive  feedback on what was said at the gatherings.

For more information visit www.opsforum.com.au

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