Three years after wowing the industry by insourcing its call centre contact with members, HostPlus last week did the same for insurance claims management.


The executive manager of administration for the 925,000-member industry fund, Kelly Cantwell, said HostPlus wanted to “take ownership” of the relationship with claimant members or their beneficiaries, rather than “continue to follow the same process that everyone’s had for 20 years”.

Cantwell said a claims management team had been put in place, lead by industry veteran and former Super Complaints Tribunal panellist Colin Cassidy. The team will include a mix of fulltime staff plus initially some temps to assist with the “making up of files” using data transferred from administrator Superpartners and incumbent group insurer, ING.

Each claims manager in the HostPlus team will have sole responsibility for a number of current files. After only a week of operation, Cantwell said yesterday the fund was already getting overwhelmingly positive feedback from members and their beneficiaries.

“They are just so relieved to hear that they will only be dealing with one person. Members or their beneficiaries making a claim are invariably going through a traumatic period in their lives. The last thing they need is to have to repeat details over and over again, or wait while follow-up to their questions progresses through a queue,” Cantwell said.

She added the “re-engineered” claims management process aimed to “get back to basics”, and question whether “we really need every piece of paper we have now”. The team aimed to provide members with customised claim forms rather than the “one size fits all” forms that currently prevail, Cantwell added.

The admin chief paid tribute to both ING and Superpartners for being “on board’ with HostPlus on this project.




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