This year is shaping as a big one for reviews of operating models, with super funds and their asset managers likely to fall anywhere on the spectrum from re-insourcing previously outsourced functions, to breaking up the old ‘securities services’ bundle and outsourcing middle- and back-office functions to separate providers.


Paul Cutts, the chair of the Australian Custodial Services Association (as well as head of Australasia for Northern Trust), said there was no definite trend towards preference for one type of operating model over others, however the drivers for the decisions were, in a post-Cooper Review world, quite similar.

“It’s really about delivering improved efficiencies, with an improved corporate governance outcome,” he said.

Cutts will debate the upcoming crop of operating model reviews at February 15th’s Investment Administration Conference, presented by ACSA and Investment Magazine and to be held at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel.

Joining Cutts in a panel debate will be Mercer Sentinel’s regional director for the Asia-Pacific, Lounarda David, managing director of client relations for Asia-Pac at Milestone Group, Mark Neary, as well as the chief operating officer of PIMCO’s sizeable Australian presence, Lincoln Wong.

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