Members of small and self-managed superannuation funds represent the second-fastest growing segment of Australia’s self-managed superannuation market, and the upcoming Investment Administration Conference will investigate what these sophisticated individuals want in terms of asset classes, control and reporting.

In the year to June 30 last year, small funds, which include self managed super funds (SMSFs), single-member approved deposit funds and small APRA funds, increased by 16.9 per cent to $392.9 billion. That growth was at a faster clip than public sector funds, which grew 13.8 per cent to $172.9 billion, retail funds at 11.2 per cent to $339.5 billion, and corporate funds at 2.2 per cent to $56.6 billion.

Industry funds grew 17.9 per cent, but off a base almost half the size of the DIY sector, to finish 2009/10 with $226.2 billion.

A session at the upcoming Investment Administration Conference, presented by Conexus Financial and the Australian Custodial Services Association, will attempt to discover what makes the founders of SMSFs tick.

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