Sunsuper has recruited Facebook, not to mention thousands of dollars in prizemoney, in a bid to improve engagement with its 130,000 members under 40.

Yesterday saw the launch of Sunsuper’s social media campaign, “Dreams for a better world” which calls on its Gen X and Gen Y members to submit their altruistic dreams through a specially-built website – – asking entrants to than drum up votes for their dream through Facebook.

The campaign, which comes off the back of last year’s “Make your dreams more than dreams” initiative, offers three $5000 grants for the entries that have the most Facebook “likes” or votes in the first round of the competition to help the entrant realise their dream.

The members who submit the winning dreams will find themselves as the “stars” for the television commercials used to launch the campaign to the general public from April 1.

The competition has already been held for staff, with the two winners Scott Bambling and Leisa Bowness’s dreams coming true. Sunsuper is helping Bambling realise his dream to help international aid programs through volunteering in a hospital in Peru, while it’s also seeing Bowness’s dream of establishing a scholarship for women in finance become reality.

“We didn’t want to push information out to them [Gen Y and X] through social media channels, we want to connect with them and engage with them about superannuation,” said Sunsuper’s general manager of marketing and communications, Teifi Whatley.

Sunsuper believes it’s important to engage with these age groups as they don’t want such a large part of their membership base to miss out on opportunities that are available to them.

“It’s important what we keep in touch with them so that they are actually making the most of their superannuation investments and taking advantage of every opportunity that’s available to them so that ultimately they’ll have a better retirement outcome,” said Whately.

Once the campaign has been launched to the general public, it will offer one $5000 grant per month until July 31.

The campaign will be used to inform Sunsuper’s future use of social media, Whately said.

This will be achieved through monitoring feedback to the campaign, talking to people who became engaged through the process, listening to what drove them to the campaign and using members’ experiences to develop the use of social media within Sunsuper.

Visitors to the Sunsuper Dreams website will be able to browse submitted dreams and share and vote for their favourites via Facebook.

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