McKinsey & Co ranks the US$15 a day that The Hunger Project (THP) needs to lift one person out of poverty as a very efficient use of money.


This estimation from the leading global consulting firm ranks the operating costs of THP well below other efficient traditional funding models, which require US$72 a day to bring one person out of poverty.


The project’s goal is to end world hunger, and with its focus on using women as change-agents, it is establishing locally run programs to create self-reliant individuals.

“We haven’t turned up and seen a number of volunteers from different countries and aid workers trying to help people by giving them hand-outs or giving them money. What we’ve seen is the Bangladeshis catch the vision to end hunger and their commitment to it, [and] really acting on it,” said Felicity Hudson, principal at Nous Group during a Hunger Project Australian investor trip to Bangladesh.

CEO of McKinsey Australia, Michael Rennie, and the CEO of The Hunger Project Australia, Cathy Burke, will speak at an upcoming lunch about the principles driving true and sustainable cultural change within societies, from the boardrooms of Wall Street to the rural villages of the third world.

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