‘Win themes’ are simple, powerful arguments that address the needs you’ve already identified. They highlight the benefits the stakeholders will enjoy from a particular aspect of your offer.

Of course, for these promises to be believable you’ll need to provide evidence. And this is where your store of facts, figures, case studies, testimonials and industry comment comes in. Wherever possible, match your ‘win themes’ with specific evidence that demonstrates that you have the ability to fulfil your promises.

With these ‘win themes’ established, diligently apply them to every aspect of your pitch. Work them into the DNA of your content. Never waste an opportunity to convey them. For example:

• use dynamic, benefit-led headings in presentations. For example: ‘Part 1: key personnel’ becomes ‘Part 1: the experts dedicated to keeping your fund at optimal performance’.

• add compelling captions to diagrams, for example: ‘Figure 12: our governance model. Providing you with a reliable, risk-managed portfolio, our framework engenders an atmosphere of accountability and continuous improvement’.

Careful application of ‘win themes’ in this way will reach even the swiftest of skim-readers: the decision-makers.

*Matt Milgrom is a key principal at Tender Success, a boutique consultancy helping Australian organisations win more pitches, proposals and tender responses. Daniel Grioli is an investment analyst at FuturePlus, providing investment management expertise to industry superannuation funds.



Next month, Milgrom and Grioli detail the six essential second-date clinchers.

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