This group takes its health seriously so it’s important that funds inform them of relevant health issues, such as breast cancer or osteoporosis, and the ways in which their insurance cover could support them through such situations. Common causes and forms of disablement, as identified by the fund’s claims data, should also form an integral part of any communication campaign for this group.

With females making up the majority of visitors to social networks and blogs, online channels, such as a forum on the fund’s intranet page that allows members to exchange comments and feedback, should be a key priority. More traditional mediums, such as women’s lifestyle magazines, remain popular and should also be considered as part of the communications mix.

Female, part time, young (20s–mid-30s)
Despite having youth and health on their side, young females should still ensure they have insurance cover in place as unforeseen events can strike anyone at any time. The onus is on the insurance provider to deliver a product that meets this group’s needs and that means providing the flexibility to continue cover, even when no contributions are received, as well as providing options to increase levels of cover within a specified time frame. Extended leave-without-pay provisions are also important, as they will ensure members are not disadvantaged if they raise families.

Most industry fund policies these days are account based, which means cover generally commences upon employment and will continue after an individual leaves an employer, provided sufficient funds remain in the account to maintain premiums.

And for those wishing to travel, most policies provide 24/7 worldwide cover. For young Australians, lifestyle is “everything”. Consequently, the most important message for them is that the right insurance cover will allow members to protect their way of life.

Social media must be the primary communication channel as females aged 18–34 are the most active social networkers. Other potential channels include women’s lifestyle magazines, communication tools such posters at gyms and mother’s groups, as well as parenting publications.

Male or female, 40+
These members are aware of the importance of good health and focused on saving for retirement. Insurance cover for this group should ensure retirement savings are protected, with tapering cover as people age one way to ensure members have enough funds for retirement. Other features include loyalty benefits for long-term members, and a continuation of the death benefit at a lower sum insured, that is, $20,000.

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