Motivated by making a difference and a passion for trustee education, founder of CIE and industry stalwart, Melda Donnelly has joined Conexus Financial as a senior advisor.

Donnelly, who has served on various boards for 28 years, sees board governance and decision making as key issues to be improved in the superannuation industry.

As the increased sophistication in investment teams grows there is a potential void between the board and internal staff, she says.


“How to internally manage the skill set and personalities of staff will become more important”, she says. “This needs to be constantly adjusted and fine-tuned when new members join.”

She points out that boards and internal teams that work well together in decision-making have consistent top quartile performance.

Donnelly sold CIE five years ago, and her non-compete clause will finish on September 15. She will join Conexus Financial, publisher of Investment Magazine, on September 16 as an advisory board member active in program development for the company’s domestic institutional investment events. She will also co-chair events.

Donnelly sees the role in terms of her consistent desire to raise standards in institutional investment and provide better outcomes for working Australians.

“It is part of my personal value system that if I can make a difference, I will,” she says. “Why wouldn’t you? We owe it to Australians.”


Chief executive of Conexus Financial, Colin Tate, says that through its publications and events, Conexus Financial is committed to improving and furthering the institutional investment industry in a bid to provide all working Australians with an adequate and dignified retirement.

“I have known, respected and admired Melda for 20 years, and we are excited to be working with her,” he says.

Conexus Financial has 17 events across the institutional and retail investment sectors providing high-end education for investors.

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