The evolution of the market structure provides an opportunity for a highly active, high-conviction, benchmark-agnostic approach to investment decision-making. But where does the alpha reside today?

Miguel Oleaga, Portfolio manager, Thornburg Investment Management
Steven Semczyszyn, General manager – growth assets, HESTA
Chris Wallis, Chief executive, chief investment officer, Vaughan Nelson Investment Management

Moderator: Colin Tate AM, Chief executive, Conexus Financial

Poll Results:

Are you looking for more Global Value exposure during the next 12 months?

  • Yes - intrinsic value style as the best way to generate alpha
  • Yes - deep value style as I still believe traditional value strategies will generate alpha
  • No - fully allocated to value style strategies
  • No - don’t believe value style strategies can generate sustainable alpha

What is stopping you from investing in strategies with an intrinsic value framework?

  • Valuations are too high
  • Fully allocated to value style strategies
  • Stage of Market Cycle - other types of strategies are preferable
  • Nothing - I plan to raise my allocation
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