During the last twelve months frontline staff across insurance have faced a unique set of working conditions. Lockdowns, working away from support structures and growing distress in the community have also placed greater strain on the human resource across the industry. This session explored the best practice that has been established in allowing people to best navigate the problems faced by insurance professionals.

  •     How to best manage people remotely?
  •     What can be done to pre-empt the stresses of the role becoming too large?
  •     What can insurance learn from other industries about caring for staff?

Natalie Binns, general manager insurance, REST
Margo Lydon, chief executive, SuperFriend|
Moderator: Colin Tate AM, chief executive, Conexus Financial

Key Takeaways

On how best to manage people under difficult circumstances Natalie Binns offered this sage advice: “We all need to learn to listen better, it’s very easy to be the first person to talk… but the most powerful thing you can do is actually not talk but listen.”

Binns stressed the importance of training her staff and giving them the tools to deal with difficult situations.

Lyndon said she was working with her organisation’s industry partners to “walk the talk” about being a mentally healthy workplace with their staff.

We are probably in a state of significant change and flux and uncertainty and health anxiety for quite a number of months, if not years to come.

We need to look at what could we be doing today to help prepare ourselves and to ease what is coming from a workload perspective of mental health claims that are coming down the pipeline to the industry.

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