Managing a portfolio during a bull run is easy. The challenge comes in protecting clients during severe market downturns. What does the design and implementation of portfolios that can withstand market surprises look like?

Steve Cain, Portfolio manager, Janus Henderson
Vimal Gor, Head of bond, income and defensive strategies, Pendal
Chair: David Bell, Executive director, The Conexus Institute 

Investor response:  Robert Graham-Smith, Senior investment manager, alternatives, Colonial First State

Poll result

To what degree have you designed your portfolio’s fixed interest portfolio to protect overall returns during the next sustained equity market sell-off?
  • A high degree - my FI portfolio is traditional in style and recent / medium history gives me confidence in the equities-bonds relationship.
  • Low degree - my FI portfolio is traditional in style and I acknowledge it may suffer in an inflationary scenario.
  • Low degree - my FI portfolio is growth focused.
  • Unsure.
If you were looking to access the multi-strategy capabilities at Vimal’s and Steve’s respective firms, would you like a tailored solution or the standard product offering?
  • Standard product
  • Some tailoring
  • A heavily tailored strategy
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