Voting on the merger between the Financial Planning Association and the Association of Financial Advisers has been confirmed for February 2023.

Since the proposal was announced in September, consultations have been taking place around Australia, with FPA CEO Sarah Abood and chair David Sharpe, and AFA CEO Phil Anderson and national president Sam Perera, meeting with members and responding to questions and feedback.

In the next stage of consultation, drafts of key documents including the proposed information memorandum, resolutions, and constitution will be sent to all members in early December. An extended consultation period will follow, with members providing feedback on the drafts.

Final versions of the documents will be issued to members and voting will open in early February 2023, closing in late February at separate Extraordinary General Meetings of the AFA and FPA.

Both EGMs will be hybrid events, held at different times, to maximise members’ opportunity to attend. For the proposal to succeed, 75 per cent of members who vote will need to vote in favour.

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