AMP has partnered with BlackRock, Morningstar, and InvestSense to add 12 managed portfolios to the North platform.

Morningstar’s six new managed portfolios have been designed to meet the broad needs of all investors, covering Australian equities, ETFs, and managed funds. They are intended to grow savings above a defined inflation rate, utilising Morningstar’s asset allocation, security selection, portfolio construction, and research capabilities.

Five new multi-asset portfolios from InvestSense provide exposure to a diversified portfolio of seven to 30 managed funds and ETFs and 20 to 40 direct Australian equities. The portfolios offer a broadly diversified exposure to a mix of securities that are out of favour with the market and therefore trading at attractive valuations, combined with those that have attractive growth prospects but with reasonable valuations. Each portfolio aims to ensure that it is sufficiently diversified across sectors and controls for any biases.

North has also partnered with BlackRock to design and launch the iShares Enhanced Strategic International Managed Portfolio. It is dynamically managed, comprises 10 to 20 ETF holdings, and provides exposure to over 2,500 underlying securities across developed and emerging markets. A four-step framework was used to construct the portfolio, which covers strategic country and sector allocations, dynamic tilting, portfolio implementation, and monitoring of risk exposures.

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