Australia’s long-term investing and wealth management platform, Pearler, has surpassed more than $500 million invested in CHESS-sponsored holdings. 

Additionally, 90 per cent of Pearler investor transactions have been buys. In contrast, the adoption of its Automate product, which allows investors to set and forget their direct share investing, has grown to 47 per cent of all trades. 

Pearler co-founder and CEO Nick Nicolaides says investment trends across the Pearler platform provide an important insight into the financial outlook of younger investors. 

Gen Y and Gen Z make up the bulk of Pearler’s customer base. Fifty-one per cent of account holders are women. 

Across Pearler, around 70 per cent of investor holdings are in ETFs, compared with around 2.5 per cent of total ASX holdings. Within that, the asset allocation is 42 per cent Australian and 55 per cent global exposure. Close to a third (29 per cent) of portfolios include an ESG-themed ETF. Crypto ETFs represent only one per cent of asset allocations. 

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