J.P. Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM) has launched two new active sustainable ETFs on the ASX.

The JPMorgan Climate Change Solutions Active ETF (Managed Fund) (‘T3MP’) and JPMorgan Sustainable Infrastructure Active ETF (Managed Fund) (“JPSI”) both take an active approach to searching for companies that are developing solutions that focus on climate change and sustainability.

T3MP specifically invests in companies that JPMAM believes are poised to benefit from growing demand for climate change solutions. This includes companies producing less carbon-intensive energy, such as wind or solar power;. improving the electric grid; investing in less carbon-intensive forms of agriculture, construction, or transportation; or developing technologies to reduce waste

JPSI invests in essential assets, including electricity networks; water networks and water treatments; wind, hydropower and solar; healthcare facilities and care homes; affordable housing and student accommodation; data storage and telecommunications tower operations; sustainable railway network, sustainable warehousing and sustainable transportation systems.

In addition to research, T3MP and JPSI will use JPMAM’s proprietary natural language processing tool, ThemeBot, to review nearly 13,000 stocks globally, rapidly analysing tens of millions of data sources.

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