Boutique investment manager Maple-Brown Abbott has partnered with Hyde Park Investment to distribute its UCITS funds in the UK and several other European countries.

UCITS funds are a set of rules ETFs in Europe may voluntarily follow including holding a diversified portfolio, publishing clear guidance on their charges and taking steps to safeguard investors’ money.

The Maple-Brown Abbott Global Infrastructure Fund and the Maple-Brown Abbott Asian Equity Income Fund are UCITS funds and are not registered for sale in Australia.

Maple-Brown Abbott CEO and managing director Sophia Rahmani said in a media release on Tuesday that the partnership will allow the firm’s UCITS funds to be distributed to a broader range of buyers.

The partnership also complements Maple-Brown Abbott’s existing relationship with Douse Associates, which has worked with the firm for 17 years with a focus on institutional investors and their consultants and some UCITS buyers in the UK and Switzerland.

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