AMP Advice has partnered with fintech Frollo to provide financial advisers, mortgage brokers and their clients with access to Frollo’s Open Banking technology and money management app.

Advisers and brokers in AMP’s network can now select to include Frollo’s Money Management Service as part of their licensee offer and provide their clients with access to a practice-branded version of Frollo’s app.

Clients can then use the technology to create an aggregated view of their financial position and utilise Frollo’s money management capability, including spending visualisations, loan details, budgeting, financial goals and smart insights.

Advisers and Brokers can securely access a user-friendly view of their clients’ financial information and circumstances through the Frollo platform, streamlining the advice process and enabling more efficient ‘fact finding’ by removing the need for clients to manually provide data.

Advisers and brokers can also monitor their clients’ ongoing financial position, identifying opportunities to add value.

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