AstuteWheel has celebrated its eleventh anniversary by launching version 4.0 of its engagement software, which includes a secure client portal, enhanced CRM functionality, and practice management/business improvement tools.

The software provides practices with:

  • A dashboard screen that enables advisers to track all client advice activity daily, weekly, monthly, or annually;
  • Task management that ensures all team members understand what is required of them for each client activity;
  • Compliance tracking of annual or ongoing fee arrangements, FDS commitments, and KYC compliance requirements;
  • Tailored document and file note templates to suit individual advice practices; and
  • Ability to track time spent on clients and compare to revenue received.

Its practice management and business improvement tools include online questionnaires and a scoping tool.

AstuteWheel 4.0 will also feature direct Xplan integration from July 2023, allowing advisers to combine the client engagement tools with Xplan’s back-of-office functionality.

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