Advice regtech firm Fourth Line has purchased the core intellectual property (IP) of defunct software company TIQK, including artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies.

The acquired assets include a full-stack technology platform that incorporates a suite of micro-application software specific to advice assurance, as well as custom NLP and AI code, AI integration tools, rules-based algorithms, and related IP.

The acquired technologies will be incorporated into the next evolution of Fourth Line’s ‘outsourced compliance brain’ software, along with other advances in generative AI and machine learning technologies.

Fourth Line will not replace any of its processes and solutions with TIQK compliance models, adopt any of TIQK interpretations of legislation, or use the TIQK brand in the market. Fourth Line did not purchase the company, only the digital assets.

Their integration will be overseen by David Travers, whose recent promotion to Fourth Line executive chair came with the responsibility to implement the advanced technology roadmap.

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