Industry super fund Australian Retirement Trust has launched its Net Zero 2050 Roadmap, outlining its commitments to achieving a net zero greenhouse gas emission investment portfolio by 2050.

Additionally, there are interim goals to reduce emissions intensity by 43 per cent by 2030.

The roadmap also sets a target to engage with 100 per cent of ‘priority companies’ in the listed equities portfolio by 2030, which are defined as those responsible for 70 per cent of financed emissions.

Another target is to align 50 per cent of these priority companies with ‘net zero’ or ‘aligned’ status in terms of a net zero pathway within listed equities by 2030.

Furthermore, the roadmap hints at the future adoption of a target related to investments in climate-related opportunities.

ART’s commitment to a net zero greenhouse gas emissions investment portfolio by 2050 was adopted shortly after its merger in 2022.

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