Sequoia Financial Group will streamline its divisional structure from four to two reporting divisions, as well as reduce headcount by 10 per cent.

In an update to the ASX, the licensee announced these changes would commence from the start of the new financial year.

The new reporting divisions will be licensee and adviser services, and legal and administration services.

Sequia business structure

Licensee and adviser services Legal and administration services
Interprac Financial Planning Castle Corporate, Constitute, NTAA Corporate and Panthercorp
Sequoia Financial Advice (formerly Interprac Securities) Docscentre Legal
Sequoia Family Office Sequoia Superannuation
Sequoia Corporate Finance
Sequoia Wealth Management
Sequoia Asset Management
Sequoia Specialist Investments
Media/IR Finance TV, Informed Investor, Sharecare and Corporate Connect Research

Euree Asset Management, Morrison Securities and others will be reporting within head office.

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