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On the road to recovery with Pain Revolution

Living with persistent pain can be hugely debilitating, both physically and mentally. Painaustralia, the nation’s pain management peak body, estimates that up to one in five Australians live with chronic pain, and 44 per cent of those will experience depression or anxiety as a result. Tragically, chronic pain has also been found to be a common contributing factor in many suicides.
Lifeskills - Brought to you by AIA Australia

AIA Vitality: shifting the conversation from protection to prevention

A recent trend in the life and health insurance market has been working in consumers’ favour. As insurance providers vie to gain a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded space, several have begun adding health and wellbeing programs to their product offerings, presenting their customers with various rewards and incentives for improving their health and fitness.
Lifeskills - Brought to you by AIA Australia

Assessor Assist: using AI to improve efficiencies in the claims space

As insurance companies grow, so too does the amount of claims they receive. Ultimately, this is a positive thing: more claims doesn’t necessarily indicate that more people are becoming sick or getting injured, but that increasing numbers are taking the time to assess their insurance needs, take out cover appropriate to their situation, and become better informed about what they might be eligible to claim for.