Actuaries Institute

Policy and Regulation

What the industry told Hockey

Industry bodies have made public the key positions of their submissions to the Government’s Tax White Paper; commons themes include a lifetime cap on tax concessions, not change to the dividend imputation system, taking the whole system into account (alongside the Age Pension) and the cessation of tinkering as it is destroying confidence. The Treasurer […]
Policy and Regulation

Actuaries Institute and AIST disagree over the Intergenerational Report

The Actuaries Institute said that the Intergenerational Report (IGR) has “conclusively” demonstrated the need for policy change, while the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST) said that “there is no need to panic”. The Actuaries Institute believes the IGR’s forecast change in demographics will put “significant pressure on health, pension and aged care costs”, but […]

How actuaries came out on top in FSI report

I have seen David Murray speak three times over the past year and interviewed him for an hour at the office he shared with ASIC in Sydney. What has been growingly apparent from these encounters is his resistance to charm, to being swayed by emotion or to be distracted by tangential detail. As such, many […]
Investment Strategy

Three new approaches for post-retirement

“The Actuaries Institute would like to see retiring Australians have increased choice in relation to the retirement income products they are offered and considers the removal of current impediments to product innovation as an essential element of such a review, as well as ensuring that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect consumers and safeguard […]

The baby boomer tsunami

Australia has probably the most admired accumulation system in the world, but our system of decumulation is a work in progress. That superannuation funds, politicians and researchers are all talking about change is cause for hope. Indeed such is the level of agreement that the era of easy access to lump sums must end, several […]