Anthony Rodwell-Ball

Post-retirement: What we don’t know

It has been morbidly quipped that ‘post-retirement’ refers to the dead, as that is what lies next for retirees. Of course, what post-retirement really refers to is the time after someone switches their income from a salary to a financial service product, typically in the form of a pension or drawing down a lump sum. […]

No perfect retirement product

The superannuation industry is on a steep learning curve on what success looks like in post-retirement product development. Case studies from Equip Super, NGS Super and MTAA Super at the 7th annual Post-Retirement Conference in Sydney heard feedback of investment success, adjustments and low take-up. Early indications show the NGS Super pension product, the most […]

NGS Super aspires to Apple service levels

Product innovation coupled with tailored digital education is key for the future of super funds, according to Anthony Rodwell-Ball chief executive of NGS Super. As retirees make up a growing part of funds he believes a strong customer focus that few funds currently have will be needed – by 2020 around 50 percent of NGS […]
Investment Strategy

NGS Super members join direct investment option club

NGS Super has cut the cost of launching a direct investment option for members by using a white-labelled platform from Mercer. Anthony Rodwell-Ball, chief executive of NGS Super, said developing such a platform was prohibitive, but the whitelabelled product from Mercer was half the cost of a tailored platform. Mercer already provides administration and member […]