NGS Super has cut the cost of launching a direct investment option for members by using a white-labelled platform from Mercer.

Anthony Rodwell-Ball, chief executive of NGS Super, said developing such a platform was prohibitive, but the whitelabelled product from Mercer was half the cost of a tailored platform.

Mercer already provides administration and member services for the fund.

NGS Super’s financial planners have also been given an education and compliance program from Mercer to help advise members on how to use the platform wisely.

Ben Walsh, leader of Mercer’s financial services business, Pacific, said he went to some length to ensure the platform was not too generic.

“It needed to align with each fund’s trustee rules, and feature their own branding when members log in,” he said. “We think we’ve struck that balance, creating a standard infrastructure that’s easily customised and cost-effective to implement”.

The platform will allow members to trade ASX 300 shares, a choice of exchange traded funds and term deposits. It was designed following research of members which found more choice and a greater say over investments was crucial to retaining members with an active approach to their financial affairs.

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