Product innovation coupled with tailored digital education is key for the future of super funds, according to Anthony Rodwell-Ball chief executive of NGS Super.

As retirees make up a growing part of funds he believes a strong customer focus that few funds currently have will be needed – by 2020 around 50 percent of NGS Super’s fund will belong to retirees

“No fund has a truly consumer solution. We are at an exciting phase – where do we go?” he said. “When I walk into Apple as a mature man, they give me appropriate, tailored advice without technical jargon. If Apple can do it, why can’t we?”

This philosophy of engagement with members is behind NGS Super’s new online content hub True Wealth.

“It’s about the whole customer experience not just the portfolio,” said Rodwell-Ball. “We are providing targeted financial education to our membership. We try to comment and add value and reflect the community.”

True Wealth is transportable across every platform – a lesson learned from a previous venture which became obsolete as it failed to keep pace with technology – with plans already underway to develop a second site, True Wealth: Business, for employers.

Anthony Rodwell-Ball will be talking on the subject of True Wealth and providing a robust choice of post retirement offerings at the 7th annual Post Retirement Conference on March 10.

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