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What CIOs want from fund managers

The fourth annual Investment Magazine CIO Sentiment Survey created by Casey Quirk and run in conjunction with has gained the feedback of 29 chief investment officers and heads of investment locally. This industry-leading insight into the working practices of the largest funds in Australia is part of a global survey of institutional investors. Superannuation […]
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Moving beyond the perverse choice

What should a super fund choose: low fees that attract and retain members, or higher fees strategies that regularly outperform and give members better returns? The latter appears to be more popular, but there are those in the industry who think this is an oversimplification of the debate.  The first point of consideration when choosing a super fund, the public is told by […]
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The lynchpin: Profile of Aon Master Trust’s CIO

The pursuit of a lean and nimble strategy at Aon Master Trust has led to one person simultaneously holding three vital positions within the fund. Investment Magazine interviews the chief investment officer, head and director, Janice Sengupta.   Colorado-born Janice Sengupta serves as Aon Master Trust’s chief investment officer, head and director. While it might […]
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AON Master Trust appoints CIO as new head

AON Master Trust has appointed its chief investment officer, Janice Sengupta, as its new head. Sengupta will continue in her role as chief investment officer while taking on the additional duties, as part of the fund’s strategy to be nimble and lean. “We are excited to have Janice spearhead the Aon Master Trust team, a […]