defined benefit

Investment Strategy

Unisuper to explore DC plus

UniSuper is considering a new type of accumulation fund that sits in between defined contribution and defined benefit. Any such fund would be offered as a choice to members, at its own cost, alongside its current accumulation fund. The option is to be discussed at a strategy meeting in February, based on a proposal based […]
Policy and Regulation

How to muck up a super system: lessons from the UK

Is there anything that the woebegone United Kingdom pensions sector can teach the internationally admired system of Australian superannuation? The best bet would be how not to get into the same mess. The UK industry was in a healthy state back in the 1980s, but some well-meaning pieces of legislation led to crisis. Giving employees […]

Towards defined ambition

Speaking at last week’s Post-Retirement Conference, held by Conexus Financial in association with AIST, Scott Pappas said the defined benefit is “dying”. He argues that funds need to extract the benefits of such a plan in a sustainable model, namely defined ambition plans, which offer collective defined contribution (DC) schemes and money-back guarantees. “Collective DC […]