John Brogden


DisabilityCare Australia and group insurance

It’s a rare event to have a bill introduced into parliament by a tearful Prime Minister, but the DisabilityCare Australia 2013 bill – which will help pay for the national disability insurance scheme by raising the medicare levy from 1.5 to 2 per cent – had such an auspicious beginning. Watched by disability advocates in the […]
Investment Strategy

IAC: transparency and efficiency amid change

Transparency and efficiency amid industry change was the focus of last week’s 2013 Investment Administration Conference, held in Sydney. John Brogden, chief executive officer of the Financial Services Council closed proceedings with a keynote address on the state of the nation, discussing the potential outlook for financial services and the roles of its players. Pierre […]
Investment Strategy

Default super remains uncompetitive: FSC

The Productivity Commission has failed to recommend an open, transparent and competitive superannuation system, according to the Financial Services Council (FSC). “This report is a bitter disappointment and a missed opportunity,” chief executive of the Financial Services Council, John Brogden said. “Default superannuation will remain the domain of the industrial system. Twenty years on, nothing […]
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Industry bodies in spat over governance

The Industry Super Network (ISN) and the Financial Services Council (FSC) are at loggerheads over FSC draft governance guidelines on the definition of independent directors on super funds operated by banks and insurers. ISN chief executive David Whiteley has told I&T news in a telephone interview that the FSC regulations, which he claims would allow […]
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Fund disclosure report set for June: Pauline Vamos

The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Ltd. will meet with the Financial Services Council this month or next to begin formulating a joint position on how much of Australia’s $1.8 trillion fund management industry’s investments should be disclosed. ASFA and the FSC plan to submit their final report on fund disclosure to regulators by […]