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SuperFriend’s gift to Australian businesses

SuperFriend has launched practical guidelines to help Australian businesses mitigate the $10.9 billion loss to the economy through mental illness and poor mental health, following a systemic international search of relevant publications and actionable strategies. The newly released report, ‘Promoting positive mental health in the workplace: guidelines for organisations’, was provided at the SuperFriend Forum […]

Mental health management plan ready for 2015

SuperFriend has joined forces with Australia’s seven largest insurers to find ways of reducing the incidence of mental illness among insurance claimants. The charity created by industry superannuation funds is currently helping to scope a project to kick off early next year that will have findings by the end of 2014. The imperative for the […]
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Improve mental health at work

Hear leading health specialists and super fund representatives speak on ways to improve mental health in the workplace in a live webcast in the afternoon of Monday, October 14. Mental illness is a significant contributor to increasing insurance claims and the webcast is aimed at proposing methods that can reduce this rise. The event, created […]
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Super Friend attracts government interest

Programs created by Super Friend to cut suicide rates by making workplaces a centre for helping those at risk of mental illness is attracting government interest. Mental health initiatives typically focus on individual members, but Super Friend’s pilot makes members aware of themselves and their colleagues. It also recognises that being connected to the workplace […]

More mental health advice required

Six insurers have re-signed deals with a charity that aims to improve the wellbeing of Australian employees, as the cost of mental health insurance claims soars. Insurers AIA, TAL, Hanover Life RE, CommInsure, MLC and Beazley Group have signed three-year deals with SuperFriend, while MetLife has signed up for the first time. The deals come […]