Hear leading health specialists and super fund representatives speak on ways to improve mental health in the workplace in a live webcast in the afternoon of Monday, October 14.

Mental illness is a significant contributor to increasing insurance claims and the webcast is aimed at proposing methods that can reduce this rise.

The event, created by CommInsure and Conexus Financial, is taking place in Melbourne and includes the following speakers:

• Damian Hill – chief executive, REST Superannuation and chair, SuperFriend board of directors
• Jocelyn Furlan – chair, Superannuation Complaints Tribunal
• John Mendoza – director, ConNetica and former chair of the National Advisory Council on Mental Health
• Rev Graham Long – pastor and chief executive, The Wayside Chapel
• Linda Winterbottom – senior rehabilitation manager, CommInsure
• Colin Tate – session chair and chief executive, Conexus Financial

The event can be watched from the comfort of your office or home at http://www.webcasts.com.au/comminsure141013/

This will be an interactive session where you’ll have the opportunity to submit questions to our panellists via the online portal.
This event is not to be missed so register now to participate.

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Adobe Flash Player11 and up (latest version preferred).
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