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Maritime’s equity insurance take-up exceeds expectations

Hundreds of millions of dollars have flowed into Maritime Super’s managed volatility process (MVP) since launch nine months ago. The overlay, which uses the shorting of futures options as insurance against falls in the value of equities, has been communicated to members with the words “don’t jump ship”. It provides members with the opportunity to […]
Hedge Funds

Volatility overlay to prevent Maritime members jumping ship

Maritime Super is offering a managed volatility overlay to its growth and balanced options, a process it has described to members as ‘avoid jumping ship’. It has taken the move to prevent the damaging impact of members switching out of equities into cash during periods of market downturn. Milliman has been hired to apply futures […]

What is your fund doing about this graph?

Over 13 years of writing about pensions the graph below is one I have barely seen, but over the last few weeks it has popped up three times. Twice it was used to illustrate post-retirement product innovation and once on TV to illustrate a point about the benefits of people retiring at 70 instead of […]