Nicolette Rubinsztein


Satisfaction levels with retirement savings jumps but reality different

Two thirds of older workers are satisfied they have sufficient funds put aside to retire, a significant increase from 2012 where satisfaction levels with retirement savings were below 50 per cent, according to the Financial Services Council (FSC) – Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s (CBA) Older Workers Report 2015. The report also found close to three […]

Post-retirement: What we don’t know

It has been morbidly quipped that ‘post-retirement’ refers to the dead, as that is what lies next for retirees. Of course, what post-retirement really refers to is the time after someone switches their income from a salary to a financial service product, typically in the form of a pension or drawing down a lump sum. […]

Diverse partnerships likely in retirement product development

An increase in diverse partnerships with financial service providers is likely as super funds attempt to develop attractive post-retirement products, the Post-Retirement Conference heard. These partnerships will likely include fund managers, insurers and investment banks as well as larger funds offering products to smaller funds. Nicolette Rubinsztein, general manager of retirement and advocacy at Colonial […]