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Post-retirement: What we don’t know

It has been morbidly quipped that ‘post-retirement’ refers to the dead, as that is what lies next for retirees. Of course, what post-retirement really refers to is the time after someone switches their income from a salary to a financial service product, typically in the form of a pension or drawing down a lump sum. […]
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Eliminating commercial interests from awards

The process for shortlisting finalists in the third annual Conexus Financial Superannuation Awards was setup with the express purpose of eliminating commercial interest from the decision making procedure, Colin Tate, chief executive of Conexus Financial said. Tate said what separates these awards from others in the superannuation sector is the independent nature of the selection process. “The […]

Group Insurance Summit 2014 – Wrap Up

Superfunds and consultants call for hybrid TPD/IP insurance cover Funds, insurers and consultants are calling for the creation of an insurance product that sits half way between TPD and income protection. Read more… Funds can make impact in cutting chronic diseases Australia has reached a tipping point in obesity which compels change. Read more… Bernie Ripoll and […]
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Sunsuper: a growing provider of private capital

Sunsuper is expanding its investment team to help it take greater advantage of investment opportunities. The fund, which runs $28 billion in assets, is increasingly using its size to negotiate exclusive partnership deals with fund managers to purchase property, loans, infrastructure and private companies. Currently around 29 per cent of the fund is invested in […]

The 2014 super fund awards evening

Chant West, in partnership with Conexus Financial, publisher of Investment Magazine, will present the second annual superannuation and pension awards on May 21, at the Ivy Ballroom in Sydney. Both companies have a common vision of improving retirement income solutions and producing better outcomes for members and in the process calling industry participants to account […]
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David Bell to become AUSCOAL CIO

The independent investment consultant David Bell is to become the first chief investment officer of AUSCOAL Super. One of his key tasks will be to fine tune the $7.9 billion fund’s lifecycle strategy and to create a pension product for members, whose average age is 42 – though many retire at 55. Based in Sydney, […]
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‘Time to review APRA’, says professor

A leading academic has called for a review of whether the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) is limiting the growth of the financial services sector. Professor Rodney Maddock of Monash University says that no such review of APRA has taken place since its formation in 1998. Maddock, who was formerly a senior executive at the […]