Sunsuper is claiming a big growth in small employer clients from searches carried out on Google with the term ‘pay super simple’.

The fund appears as the second highest search result for this term, the ranking for which is determined by the popularity of the link and the closeness of the search term to the words used on a website page – other sponsored links may appear above it.

This has seen the fund increase the number of small business clients joining from outside of its traditional Queenland base and a 60 per cent increase in the numbers who cite the fund’s simple process as the main reason for signing up.

Other funds that feature highly in similar Google searches for the ‘pay super made simple’ and ‘super made easy’ include AMP, Suncorp, Kinetic Super and Auscoal.

Sunsuper is ramping up its efforts to win more business with a new range of time saving measures that make greater use of straight-through-processing.

These improvements are based on feedback from employers who have told Sunsuper of their previous frustrations with paying contributions and enrolling online.

The changes, which are part of the fund’s goal of getting all its clients transacting online in 2015, have also benefitted large clients.

One with more than 10,000 employees has cut the processing of its monthly contribution payment schedule from one and a half hours to 36 seconds.

Its new system, which launched in November, is designed to give immediate feedback on member matching errors.

Steven Travis, customer service general manager at Sunsuper, said: “As an employer is uploading data, some of the validation around the existence of that member or data is immediately matched and if there are errors then we immediately present that back to the employer to fix straight away. Previously, it would just get pushed through the system and a week later someone from our office would phone up and say we have found an error here, can you fix it?”

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