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V, U, W, L: Which shape will the recovery take

The global economy is expected to contract by 3 per cent this calendar year 1 , though some market economists expect it to be more. Unemployment is soaring. Businesses are closing. The only question is whether it’s a recession, a depression or something completely new to economics a hiber cession. But what about the recovery? When will it come and what will it look like?

Understanding Chinese distressed debt investment

Even as one of the most compelling opportunity sets in the world, Chinese distressed debt investment remains less understood. In this white paper, ShoreVest seeks to give an overview of this asset class and highlight the intricate know-how that makes it a successful investment.
PaperFiduciary Investors Symposium

Liquidity-driven dislocations and central bank distortions: Opportunities in European credit markets

Allocators are wrestling to understand how they should respond to an investment landscape reshaped by a global pandemic strangling economic activity and unleashing powerful public policy responses. This paper is designed to help investors navigate the current dislocated credit markets as they look to determine which strategies are the most appropriate for their particular circumstances.
PaperFiduciary Investors Symposium

Nonlinear thinking in a linear market

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom,” wrote science fiction writer Isaac Asimov—a thought that rings true today as policymakers struggle to catch up with what’s occurring in the world.