Asgard Wealth Solutions has released an online financial planning solution to succeed its platform software, adviserNET.

To arrive at the solution, adviserNET was integrated with a range of portfolio planning and workflow tools, forming adviserNETgain, a solution combining front and back-office systems and featuring single data-entry points. “;The software is built so that data goes in once. Users do not have to deal with multiple worlds,” Wayne Wilson, Asgard director of sales and distribution, said. Advisers work through their ‘personal’ online page listing their activities and tasks and can report on Asgard and non-Asgard accounts. An audit tool records all information “down to the last field changed,” Wilson said. Principals of financial planning practices can also access a single page to check on the progress of jobs within their practice. “The system aims to cut down ‘looking up info’ time,” Wilson said. “It tells you where information is and who has it.” In an effort to make the software user-friendly in a field where staff turnovers often halt productivity, an ‘advice essentials’ tool informs advisers of best practice – in accordance with ASIC compliance legislation – as determined by Asgard.

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