Essentially the way it will work for members is, you might go into that link, curious to see what it was all about, and there will be a lot of educational material in there. You might then scroll down and after then you’ll be asked if you would like to speak to an online counsellor. And if you say ‘yes’ then you will be told that you’re now being transferred to our project partner Beyond Blue or Lifeline.

And if you don’t want to go, you hang up… The other important part of it is that we’re developing a tool kit that will go with it. The funds participating will have a pin number. They’ll be able to access all of the resources, and they’ll be able to download the template, put their logo on, print them, distribute them. It will be like a fact sheet for members. And all the information will be provided by and maintained by mental health professionals. So we’re developing, if you like, the point of access and the distribution of the educational material and helping people to access the right service.

Michael Back: I think this is the first time insurers have ever worked together on a project like this. I mean, we have a competitive environment. But we’ve all talked together through the Super Friends program. And I think it’s been a fantastic effort.

Greg Staunton: I’d add to that. The attitude of insurers has been fantastic and they’re all supportive of each other and definitely committed to the goals. We’ve got 13 fully committed insurers now and one partially committed insurer. So I think beyond that there are only two other major insurers in Australia. So really we’ve got the whole market.

‘Read the Signs ’: MTAA Super ’s program

Paul Watson: : During my time at MTAA Super I signed off and considered death claims that came through the fund (as deputy chief executive until last year……..)… Going back several years, we didn’t think that we had a very good handle on the statistics. The single-car accident on a sunny day – that sort of thing. And MTAA had compulsory insurance. Often we were the only thing between the family getting some insurance or not.

The board thought about what we should do. They thought about something we haven’t spoken about today, which is the Sole Purpose Test… We thought about how MTAA could both make a difference for its members and their families and also it had to be with a business context around it too, so we could demonstrate to ourselves, members and the regulators that there was some benefit to this that would meet that prescriptive test.

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