Tassin: I think it is realistic, but it depends who your provider is. Some providers will more easily be able to accommodate you and some providers won’t. It’s about negotiation. Don’t’ give me stuff that adds to the price unless it’s absolutely essential. My client is prepared to wear some risk themselves, as long as you tell them what that risk is so they know what they’re not insured for. Give me easy to understand documentation. Give me products that will suit my clients’ needs as they change over time. Don’t be paternalistic or patronising in the way you design your products. Leave some flexibility in there so that clients – in particular defined circumstances – can have auto access to certain things…We do that on the retail front, why can’t we do that on the group fronts.

Frances Magill: Government needs to give the dispensation to allow trauma insurance out of super, health insurance and those things. And for employers to be able to offer it without the fringe benefit tax necessity.

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