The magazine’s key editorial features include:

  • News items
  • Industry views
  • Product news
  • Product analysis
  • International developments
  • Investment strategies
  • Strategy implementation
  • Personnel and their movements
  • Interviews

Investment magazine is a monthly magazine (11 times a year) which explores the latest techniques being used by professional investors. The magazine marries news and views on the art of investing with the science of technology. Investment magazine provides a thorough coverage of software and systems products and services for the front, middle and back offices of funds management firms, master funds, planner dealer groups, brokers and other professional investment offices.


However, this is presented alongside investment strategies and disciplines. It is a magazine for technology users, not technicians.

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Investment management has evolved in many different ways over the past 20-odd years. Some argue that professional investment management didn’t really commence in the modern form until the 1980s, even though people have been managing money for fees for more than 100 years.

Investment magazine aims to be at the cutting edge of developments in investment strategies and techniques, exploring all aspects of the discipline. Our particular focus on implementation and processes, we believe, is a permanent trend within the industry itself.

Produced by experienced professionals, the editorial focus is ‘news and views you can use’, providing an invaluable resource for the day-to-day operations of professional investment offices.

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