I&TNews.jpgI&T News is a weekly newsletter from Investment magazine, emailed free to more than 5,700 (CAB audited) professionals in the financial services industry.

The weekly email newsletter complements our industry coverage in the monthly Investment magazine. While the newsletter offers greater immediacy in its news reporting, it also attempts to provide information specifically for the institutional and platform markets. Like the magazine, we always strive for greater detail and more in-depth coverage of stories.

I&T News regularly publishes investment research papers, technology papers and industry business reports alongside the people, product and mandate moves that matter.

Readers include super fund trustees and executives, asset consultants, retail research houses, dealer group principals, software and systems vendors, investment managers, member and investment administrators and custodians.

I&T News is edited by experienced investment journalist Michael Bailey, supported by publisher Greg Bright, and journalists Simon Mumme, Kristen Paech, and Amanda White.


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